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How would you define music ?

      To define music is almost impossible. The most we can do is to
      assert its extraordinary effects on human beings : Orpheus
     unfathomable mystery, it applies to all music. Music puts us in a
     state of mind which allows it to lead us wherever it wants. We are
     fundamentally helpless in its presence. It shapes our emotions,
    takes us away. It has been a source of fascination and worry
    for ruling powers throughout mankind's history. For music
   can change men, influence their soul.
According to you, what does music bring to people?

Music is a great friend in times of disarray, it can soothe our
sorrow, as well as bring joy and happiness into our lives.  
Good music gives to the one who listens.    
It gives and never takes away.    
Could you tell us some words on Christian Ferras, one of your Masters ?

With Christian Ferras the Artist and Teacher intertwined irrevocably. You could hear his enthusiasm, his particular use of tones while he talked and taught music. Technicalities, which he taught with ease, bored him. Only advanced students would have access to these classes.
Christian Ferras quivering, boiling nature
led him inevitably towards artistic ecstasy.
 He communicated the extent to which
 power, strength and inner frailty, are
  fusing with one another constantly,
  never apart.

What is for you the highest purpose of music ?
The musician plays to communicate with the audience... His role is to create through music the unspeakable and yet so real link which ties us all together ; the universality of the human feeling and emotion ; the instantaneous awareness that we belong with each other as a whole.
The magical moment when music speaks, sings, when the player communicates with the public, and when listeners commune with each other. This is what Orpheus' unfathomable mystery brings to us.
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